I less than three you, Dan Bejar. Love, Sarah Jane Elaine

Just so those of you keeping score at home know, I have not abandoned my hope of marrying Dan Bejar (the lead singer of Destroyer). Were we to hypothetically have non-hypothetical conversation, good times, and a subsequent “dirty, plaid-clad lovechild,” (as Jeremy says) said child would have potentially thick*, curly hair and Canadian health care. These things are important to me, you know, hypothetically. I have a bit of the ADD and admittedly, the mind, it wanders.

I’m not obsessed, I assure you. This random burst of thought was brought on by my constant play of “Your Blues,” and their recent show at the Cat’s Cradle which allowed me to see Mr. Bejar up close. He’s still looking pretty fantastic.

*I have very fine hair. I want my kids to have thick hair. These are the things I think about. Well, this, robots, and how much I truly love whoever invented the twirly straw.


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