because a rind is a terrible thing to waste

I set up a compost bin.
I wasn’t going to spend money on a bin so I did some reading on building/resourcing them and the thing which I already had which would best do the job was a rather large dog crate that Maddie no longer uses – she’s been emancipated since we moved in here.
With just the four sides put together it creates a space about four feet tall, three feet wide and two feet deep.  I eat tons of fruit and thought it would be a breeze to begin to fill it up, but the piddly peels and egg shells that I had weren’t making much of a dent.  Working at a restaurant I’ve been having people set egg shells, some loose tea remains, vegetable scraps and the like aside and it appears as though my big old bin may start to have some substance in there by the end of the week.


I had read that some H.O.A.s were getting in the way of sustainability in that they banned clotheslines and compost bins.
I sat down and thumbed through my contract and neither of the two are mentioned.  I’m hoping to get a clothesline up by the end of the month.  For now I’m airdrying things on the deck after a ten-minute tumble in the dryer.


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