The SBC and global warming; other religious bodies and creation care

Go get your ice skates, Ma! Hell just froze completely over!

According to this article in the News & Observer, some prominent players in the Southern Baptist movement (de facto men, merely by the fact that they are key players IN the Southern Baptist movement) have up and decided that the environment is an issue to be dealt with.

I don’t want to be sinister here and say that they merely need good press, but that’s what my gut says. Until they find an old issue to, er, reduce/reuse/recycle and get some controversy stirred up over there in Fundamentalist-Land, I hope they can get good and bored enough to do some good.

There was another news story about people of faith and creation care that was both touching and practical, as all matters of faith can and should be.
If you’ve ever been in a baptismal pool it really is that – it’s a small pool. Your typical baptism, even in a larger congregation, is going to have a handful of new believers to be baptized that particular Sunday. To fill the pool in its entirety is a lot of water, drought or not. To be specific, the pool at St. Augusta Missionary Baptist holds no less than FOUR HUNDRED GALLONS of water.

This is not a matter that sits lightly on the hearts and minds of those at St. Augusta Missionary Baptist Church and the body of believers at Faith Missionary Baptist Church, both of Fuquay, who, according to reporter Benjamin Niolet of the N&O, decided to put aside any theological differences in a spirit of ecuminical understanding and with a priority on creation care.

That’s something I can get behind.


One thought on “The SBC and global warming; other religious bodies and creation care

  1. I was in bed last night settling down to sleep when that story came on …. I bolted upright to listen. Be still my heart, and grab another blanket!

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