You can resent Eve; I’ll resent Steve Jobs

Just like Adam and Eve, I took him straight to the Apple (Store)

Kyle and I went to Crabtree on Thursday night for a functional Date Night. Functional in that we needed to spend some time together: work is really piling it on him; school on me (MIDTERMS, anyone?) and also, I had to visit the Apple store. You see, after four and a half years I have finally worn out a part for Igby the Ibook. My power cord.

That may seem reasonable; that’s a pretty long run for something not to go wrong. But don’t for a second think that this softened the blow of the eighty-two dollars that Mr. Jobs got from Kyle for my little computer part. I could not, for the life of me, think of anything that I wanted badly enough to justify asking for it for Valentine’s Day. In a sick irony, in trying not to be materialistic and be somewhat practical, or utilitarian, my beloved overspent in the worst way.

When I say I don’t want anything for Christmas he’ll probably start looking for part time jobs.

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