time to pause and say thanks to Mr. Helms

Yesterday I was thankful to be stuck in traffic on 440.
I was headed to my mom’s house to do some things for her when I rounded a corner about 1:30 in the afternoon, and lo & behold, right there between Cary and Western Blvd., things came to a gridlock. Since there never were any sirens, it only made sense that this long pause I got to take was for the funeral of Senator Helms, held at 2:00 in Raleigh.

I always have three or four books in the car (at least) so I read one of those for about half an hour as we inched along slowly, and then I got over to make my exit off onto Hillsboro Street. I got bored with the book I was reading and reached into my bag for my Ipod. Turning it on, the song that randomly played was Alison Krause and Gillian Welch’s duet “I’ll Fly Away” from the film score to O Brother, Where Art Though. I had to smile, for though I can’t think of a man from our great state who differed on virtually every issue as much as one can differ from my own stance, fly away he did.

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