A Sad Day For Dog Lovers, Dog Likers, or Just Anyone With Common Sense

I was dismayed as yesterday’s local paper showed this state trooper’s mug shot, in a story outlining that he has now not only found a local precinct who has given him a job (unbelievable) after kicking a dog repeatedly in a manner that is inhumane but that the man is suing for pay he lost while going to court.

Pardon the bad pun, but where, sir, is your dignity?  Were I you, I would go away thankful to have any job at all, and with my lesson learned and my tail between my legs I hardly think I would have the audacity to sue for back pay.

While it has been shown that there were no clear outlines about how the dogs were to be explicitly treated by their highway patrol handlers, I hardly think that “you never said I couldn’t” is a good defense.

As for Ricoh, the dog that was unfortunate enough to have been paired with such a savage as the aforementioned trooper, he is retired and sustained no permanent injuries.  He received the kickings for refusing to give up a piece of a toy.  One can only hope his new owner, a patrolman himself, gives Ricoh the respect he deserves and more toys than he could ever want.

If Maddie and I had an address for Ricoh we would love to send a doggie toy, sealed with a kiss.


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