We Love Halloween

Halloween is my favorite non-explicitly Christian holiday.  I’ve never really cared for Valentine’s Day that much, and I don’t care at all for St. Patrick’s Day.  Labor Day and President’s Day – well, those are just big excuses for Belk’s to have a big old White Sale here in the South, if we’re honest about things.

Halloween, though – Halloween is where it’s at.

Though my mother is an SBC minister she was not one of those over-zealous smothery-mothery types that sucked all of the joy out of my childhood, keeping me from participating in Halloween or any other “secular” (read: PAGAN) activities which could potentially give way to a bit of fun.I knew of a great many kids who had such mothers, and they’re in therapy now.  Correlational or causational; you be the judge.

We got Halloween underway last week.  Kyle and I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and I did the outdoor decorating. I then found a costume for Maddie that needs a little more “oomph” and a bit of tailoring. However, even in its current state she is the cutest devil I’ve ever seen.

See for yourself:

sneak peak of Maddie's costume-in-progress


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