Philosopher urges aid to the poor (4:15) | PRI’s The World

On Thursday, one of my real-life heroes Peter Singer was on NPR discussing his new book The Life You Can Save: Acting Now To End World Poverty.
If NPR doesn’t dump your truck like it does mine and you missed all glorious four minutes, fifteen seconds, fear not: I have provided a link here for you to hear it.
He hits the nail right on the head when he says that while charity should begin at home, it should end there nor should it taper off as close to home as we are so inclined to let it.
Words to let sink in slowly, friends.

Here is the NPR audio:
Philosopher urges aid to the poor (4:15) | PRI’s The World

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If you can’t handle that, here is a link to his website. At least look at that until you feel slightly convicted.


2 thoughts on “Philosopher urges aid to the poor (4:15) | PRI’s The World

  1. While I have huge issues with Singer in some areas, I think that it is great that he actually cares about poverty. It is horrible that so many people condemn him for devaluing life when they don’t care about any life unless it is right in front of them.

    1. Certainly, I take some issues with Singer’s notions on personhood. Were I to adopt his categories, then very few of the people I interact with on a daily basis would qualify for the status of full “personhood.”

      However, it’s how I can see his reasoning misused, I think, to the detriment of so many that really turns my stomach. I can see the disabled and the mentally handicapped being given euthanasia whether it is their wish or not, as has been the documented case in Norway. Some of Singer’s lines of thinking, while he may be a perfectly logical man, could be used to horrible and callous ends by those much more sinister than he.

      I think he does add some positive things to the conversation of ethics, by and large. I look forward to getting to read his newest book once this semester comes to a close.

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