Some Kinda Saturday

I had a nice Saturday. Here in the middle of the lovely state of NC, we’ve had a gorgeous week, and today was no exception.
My dad came over this morning to help me wrangle the dog into the bathtub. The three of us are now protected against fleas and ticks for a while, as Maddie was kind enough to “share” most of the sudsy water with us.

Though I’ve read more than enough primary and secondary sources for the paper I have to write and present on Tuesday, I was (as is typical) riddled with anxiety and scouring the internet for every e-rock left unturned when my mother called and offered to take me to a quilt shop in Apex to pick out fabrics for the quilt she’s making for me mid-afternoon. I welcomed the opportunity to get out of my head and out of the house for a while.

Tomorrow, I have no excuse to prolong the actual writing of the paper, but I wouldn’t trade how today turned out for anything.


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