Christ, terrorists and the continuum of change

The death of Dr. George Tiller last Sunday morning was profoundly upsetting, as all deaths are.  To even say such a commonsense statement is laborious, but not all of the entire Christian family is as shaken by this act of terrorism and senseless act of brutality.  To deny that it is indeed an act of terrorism is to not recognize the full humanity of Tiller for who he was, a beloved child of God created in God’s very own image.

Warren Hern, a fellow abortion doctor and colleague got emotional when speaking about his fallen friend on MSNBC, stating that the difference between the fanaticism between those involved in the anti-abortion movement and those involved in the Taliban was one of “about eight thousand miles.”  The emotion displayed by Hern was unexpected – it seemed a juxtaposition for this learned medical expert, and I could help cry myself as I saw his own grief.  The problem with those on the radical right asking us to recognize the humanity of the unborn is that they refuse to see it, as do I, in many of those whom they walk amongst.  However, I’m willing to try to change. Where are you in this continuum?


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