To be dubbed the “smartest city,” we’ve got lackluster libraries.

If you live in or around Raleigh/Durham, you have no doubt heard that we have been dubbed America’s ‘Smartest City’. I won’t pee all over this rainbow, don’t worry. I think it’s great. I hope that we live up to this honor, as being smart and putting your knowledge to use are two entirely different animals.

I am constantly underwhelmed by the offerings [or the lack thereof] at the Wake County Public Libraries, however, and it is this point where I will choose offer a constructive criticism I here. My opinion is this: If we are in fact the smartest city in the US, I doubt one can claim any correlation to our sparsely-shelved public libraries, though some of them have been beautifully remodeled and revamped. What really matters; that is, what books they provide to the citizens of our fair city, are not up to snuff.
Thankfully we are literally tripping over universities here and many of us are still in the university system, thus easily granted access to a wealth of resources via inter-library loan. Were I not in graduate school, however, and I were seeking this book by the most influential thinker in hermeneutics this century (Gadamer) I would be out of luck as our public library system does not deem this figure important enough to stock.

One thought on “To be dubbed the “smartest city,” we’ve got lackluster libraries.

  1. Iagree — although not looking for the same books you are seeking, I rarely find books that I am searching for. One would think things other that fiction would have a higher priority.

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