May 2010: A Moment in Time

May 2010

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Dear Self,
This is you, May, 2010, on your monthly self-portraiture task**. This is the last month of your 28th year. Earn more laugh lines and furrow your brows a little less.

Love yourself –


**I keep a photojournal for myself, with pictures of everything from hushpuppies that I ate to the mudpuddles I just barely kept myself from jumping in. Part of this photographic timeline includes intentional self-portraits taken around the first of every month so that I can accurately remember what I looked like.
I think we females unfairly beat up on ourselves and fail to remember how good we looked, be it ten weeks or ten years down the line. I have found that this endeavor helps me to give myself more credit where it’s due. As someone who is a recovered person with a once-active eating disorder, I look back at photos even from that time and say “What in the world did I ever have my panties in a wad about?”
Finding something positive in photos of myself instead of hating every single one of them is a complete one hundred eighty degrees from where I was six years ago in the worst of it.


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