Gay Marriage, with a graph

I’ve said before and I’ll say again that I feel physically ill when I hear anyone saying that they are speaking from a religious standpoint and saying that marriage is one man and one woman, and therefore gay marriage must not be allowed to be legalized. How quickly we forget that “one man, one woman” is pretty new in the eyes of religion, friends. While I am in no way saying that polygamy is what’s called for here, what I am saying is that is a slipshod argument at best, logically fallible and myopic, certainly: no two ways about it.

I have also said this about my own feelings on this issue and many other difficult other ones to navigate: it is a fine tightrope walk between acceptance and embracing as we are called to do and between giving way to absolute relativism (which is not my intention). The issue of homosexuality is further complicated because some want to argue it is a sin; I am not at all convinced that it is. Ultimately, I am thankful it is not my job to ultimately decide or to judge, nor is it yours.

The thing which really gets to me about the whole issue, and which has always gotten to me about this issue, is that there is an assumption that any homosexual relationship is devoid of love. There is so much emphasis on the act of sex that necessarily it is as if there is no room for normalcy or mundane details in these relationships after they have been together for three years; for five; for twelve. They, too, are not only capable of love but have done a better job of giving it not only to one another but to us. Perhaps we heterosexuals and particularly we religious heterosexuals would do well to sit up and take note. Despite some of our greatest fears, our relationships are not solely defined by what goes on in the bedroom, but what goes on in the grocery store, the kitchen, and in a great many less interesting places: that is where the currency of love is truly on display.

Graph by Aaron G via the Graph Jam Builder

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