Puppies ≠ Pyrotechnics

I want to believe, contra Augustine, that we’re born good, but then there are stories like this which make you wonder at what point enough of the good was *effaced* off of this person that he could be said to be what we would call evil (therefore being more in line with the thinking of Thomas Aquinas, perceiving not an entity in and of itself; rather the absence of a substance):
NC man charged with trying to set pit bull on fire.

Whether you typically find yourself more on the side of Augustine or rather, on the side of Aquinas, you just have to stop, close your mouth (if you’re at all like me you will at some point, eventually realize that react to these things by sitting there stunned, with your jaw slightly slackened and eyes slightly glazed over), left to ask the question, WHAT KIND OF LOSER SETS A PUPPY ON FIRE?


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