Farmville Photos, Labor Day Weekend

Grandma's Apple Tree Grew These

My grandma has a green green thumb.

this way to the lake

This way to the lake. . .
Following this path at my grandparents’ property, it is approximately an 8-10 minute hike to the lake. I spent many summer afternoons on this path with my grandma and grandpa after a leisurely lunch. At the aforementioned lake there are two piers, a water slide, and a boat. Not being one with much of an inclination to fish, I would water slide until I grew too sunburned and tired to want to do that any longer, and then I would simply read until it was time to return to the house. Just looking at this view and knowing where it leads brings me great joy.

machinery in Grandpa's garden

Some of grandpa’s tools laying about the property.

Grandpa's Haven

Grandpa’s Getaway
My grandpa was a man who could do so many things, and did all of them well. He was an excellent machinist and also excelled at woodworking. In addition to having a huge basement, this is the detached garage where he spent most of his time, working with his hands. To the left you can see the screened-in porch where he, my grandma, my brother and I spent many of the more memorable afternoons of my childhood in conversation and laughter.

This is Where the Hose Goes


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