on making with the merry

I can’t believe that it is time to think about Christmas already but that time is coming upon us faster than we think.
As much as I am bothered that I already see no less than three Christmas trees [lights and all!] between my house and school (this bothers me tremendously because in skipping to Christmas in November, it’s practically admitting that Thanksgiving, or thankfulness is just unimportant) if I am going to avoid buying ready-made gifts, then I have to think about Christmas earlier. It’s the price I pay, sadly.

I think it worth it in the long run – we’ll see how this goes. In the past when I’ve made things I’ve been able to buy everything that I’ve needed as “ingredients” or “components” either from etsy or from thrift stores so I feel good that what money I did spent went either to charitable causes or to real people rather than corporations. I also felt good that the gift is put together by me and was done so with the recipient in mind rather than picked off of a store shelf with that feeling of “To:Everyman” that so many gifts have. I really loathe that feeling, but gift cards are the absolute worst for it. I can’t stand gift cards precisely for that reason especially.

Therefore, though it will be really tough to try to fit this hunting and gathering for supplies and making things into an already packed schedule of writing one more sermon, finishing an exegesis, studying for finals, finishing a verbatim, and doing a presentation, I’ll try my darndest — not just because I care about sustainability and anti-consumerism but because in general, I really enjoy making my life more difficult than it has to be.

If you are making or have made anything as a gift let me know about it – whether it went exceedingly well or whether it was a fantastic flop – either way I will (to a degree) update about my own progress here, just not so much as to reveal the gifts themselves.

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One thought on “on making with the merry

  1. I am also trying to make as many gifts this year as possible. I love giving people things I have made; I hope I am not doing it to impress people — but rather that I feel I am giving a bit of myself. And, I enjoy making things. I believe that as creations of the Creator, we are by nature creative! and somehow I have more peace when I am ‘creating’ than at any other time. So, I pray that you find time to do all the ‘creating’ your soul desires! Bring some stuff with you to the beach — there will be a lot of ‘creating’ going on!

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