Will there be snow?

There are pretty strong forecasts of snow overnight and for the wee hours of the morning here in the Raleigh/Durham area, which most likely have the kiddies of the Triangle crossing their fingers and saying their prayers with an extra helping of earnestness in hopes that the 2-hour delay they’ve already been granted** will turn into a whole SNOW DAY.

Thinking on snow brought to mind my favorite poem by Wendell Berry, which is entitled ‘Like Snow.’ Although it is a mere three lines long it speaks to the nature of life, of work, and of co-existing symbiotically:

Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly,
leaving nothing out.

Suppose we did.

**This has been granted not because of any actual snow, but just the rumor. This is probably the most embarrassing quirk about life in the Piedmont of NC. The other is the lack of public transit.

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