My endeavor to be a more dutiful diarist…

I began school this past Monday. While I may or may not have an excuse to have fallen off the proverbial horse in my “real-life” journaling in addition to whatever content I do or do not put online, even before that I was teeter-tottering between being quite busy with family and with preparations for the (then) upcoming semester and with allowing myself to become absolutely overcome with inertia from the week of snow and then a strangely thin but effective sheet of ice which covered the city, along with a thick layer of invisible apathy.

Now that classes are back in session there is no time for such lolly-gagging, and no reason for it either. I am fortunate to be taking not one class that I am either ambivalent towards or in fear of (I have faced the latter far more frequently than the former during my Divinity School experience, but as someone with adult ADD, these feelings of anxiety bring with them unique challenges). Though experience has taught me that I should be wary of being too optimistic, that certainly does not mean that my optimism has been dashed in the least. I will say “pffftttbbbbb” in the face of experience and brazenly predict that this semester will be my best yet.


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