Can’t Find My Focus Today

It is another beautiful day in central NC today with temperatures in the 60s and though it is early March, so far we have seemingly skipped that “in like a lion”-type weather, reaping weather that has been exceedingly lamb-like for the past two weeks or so.
The only drawback is that this makes it impossible to focus on all of the background research I need to do for the 2 main papers on my back burners. While yesterday I was on a roll, somehow managing to read a book in its entirety (which if nothing else I can finish taking and typing notes on today) as well as doing some long-overdue errands such as getting my car inspected, I think that it is entirely possible that in so doing I depleted my reserves of “giveacrap,” because today I cannot for the life of me get to it. In hopes of turning this around I have had mt coffee and my gummy vitamin dutifully, but maybe I just need to play outside with Maddie-dog for a bit today. I haven’t had nearly enough fun lately.

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