Some Things You Can’t Do Without Looking at Least Half-Way Off Your Rocker. . .

It is a fact of life that of the things which simply must be done, there are a select few which cannot be done without looking like you have misplaced, if not lost, some of your good sense. Case in point: doing a good job of trying to replace one’s pillows. As someone who suffers from sinus and allergy problems, I need hypo-allergenic pillows. As someone who cares about the environment, I am drawn at least initially to the pillows that market themselves as being stuffed with eco-friendly content, though I am wary of greenwashing and fully aware that these pillows and these claims are quite likely full of $#@&. And finally, as a migraine lover and avid sleep enthusiast I want a huge, possibly water-filled pillow for temperature and firmness control, a conclusion I have reached after smooshing my head up to somewhere between thirty and forty pillows in sleep and department stores all over the Raleigh-Durham area in the past month. Today is the day, I have decided. I cannot bear to vertically smoosh my head against many more pillows and yet come home empty-handed. I am not bothered by the ridiculous posturing in public but rather the prolonged exercise in futility. Truly, just thinking about it is making me need a nap so there is no time like the present to grab my keys and at the same time grab this bull by the horns. I can reward myself with a nap to break them in shortly.


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