If you have known me for any length of time, you know I have many irreconcilable aspects to my personality. It tends to drive people absolutely insane. I *love* technology, for example, and it’s great that I can check my email on my phone (and technically, I can check it on my Kindle, on either of my laptops or desktop as well). I am, as most of us are,  overly connected. I’m no fool, nor am I technologically inept. When I am around someone with a skill, usually a guy, I have a desire to figure it out for myself but then once I have become able to do what I set out to do,  I am ‘ over it’ for all intents and purposes. 
I don’t want to feel like I have to return an email within two hours. I don’t want to feel like I have to return a voicemail within two hours. I do not want to have to have a ‘smartphone.’ In fact, I am so looking forward to when my data plan contract is up in May and I can have a regular old phone again that only calls and texts and most of all does not need a charge every 18 hours.

When I was in college I had the most simplistic, practically indestructable phone. It was a StarTac. I kid you not it accidentally got run over one time and kept on ticking. As I was waiting tables, it also had most of an urn of sweet tea spilled on it and came through that relatively unphased. I loved that phone. I would give anything to have a phone that simple and sturdy again, but now we want our phones to make toast and have games on them that allow us to kill birds as ‘entertainment.’ I’m not so sure I would call that progress, but that’s just my take. Where else have we radically backslid in such a small amount of time (5 yrs.) if we take a critical look, I wonder?

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