Three Percent

3%. That is not the type of milk I put in my coffee, but rather, that is the percentage annually that of all of the healthcare services  performed by Planned Parenthood abortions account for.
While Beck and Bachmann, those parlayers of hyperbole and horse manure would like you to believe that PP is merely a safehaven for loose women who have gotten themselves into a pickle for lack of sexual boundaries, what they fail to realize is how many women go there because their health insurance has  temporarily lapsed or altogether ceased. Such was the case I found myself in after graduation at 24 until my insurance set in 6 months later, and I needed my regular gynecological exam. As Planned Parenthood is on the sliding scale, the responsible thing to do for my own health was to go ahead and take care of it, though statistically the likelihood that abnormality couldn’t wait was very very small.

The point is that not everyone is in my situation. Not everyone has a set time that they will have coverage, and there are so many that never will, largely because of Beck and Bachmann and to the Bootstrap Myth to which they cling, holding responsible all of those who cannot make something of themselves in this oversaturated primary economy, a sinking ship without nearly enough lifeboats. What this shows, ultimately, is that Bachmann and Beck do not merely lack good sense, though that they do. What this shows is not that they lack compassion, though they do lack that as well and what they lack first and foremost is tied up in their lack of compassion very much. These two and so many like them lack what is known as sociological imagination. These individuals lack empathy and see everything from their own position, which typically is a privelegeled and hyper-vigilant one. This is hugely problematic, as you might well imagine when individuals such as these become policymakers because privelege, taken as a given, is not actually part of the lived experience of the constituents for whom they make the rules.

By making absurd and nonsensical comments about Planned Parenthood, about the “them” and “us” schism they hope to either lend credence to or further establish, I am disturbed. The lesser advantaged, they are implicitly saying, are less moral. Get disgusted. The most aggregious moral offenses I have seen in my 29 years have been by corporations or by heads of them.

All told, these keynote puppeteers made some comments yesterday that seemed to indicate that their thinking is that most of what PP does is to perform abortions and that in so thinking they are not  merely wrong but wrong to an absurd degree. You will never, ever be able to mute either one of these dunces. As a point of fact, I refuse to celebrate too loudly that Beck is losing his current soapbox — because an egomaniac such as he will not suffer long before finding a new one.

Should you want to just keep on keeping on, and give credit where it’s due, write a check to your local PP. This doesn’t have to be about abortion, remember. I am in graduate school and have not two dimes to rub together, but it really gets to me that the same “pro life” indivividuals who have the audacity to stand outside of a clinic and add terror and shame to what is already no doubt the worst day of a young woman’s life are also, the data bears out, statistically the most likely to vote for tax cuts to make it all but impossible to raise that child, realistically. Pro life need apply to more than in utero.
I’m sorry I had to get on my soapbox there momentarily, but, it has to be done sometimes.

Like I was saying, if you are pro-life, and I am all for life, to the fullest (hence the brief sermon), remember that of my ten dollars only thirty cents possibly goes to anything ethically dubious. You can’t spend ten dollars at Target (insert wherever you love there, I don’t particularly fancy being sued but was merely aiming to make a point) and say differently.

***When you write your check, if you are feeling particularly cheeky, as I was, write “Take That, Beck” in the memo line.


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