Miniskirts, Miniskirts

According to a recent survey with 2,000 British participants** 35 is the cutoff for women donning a miniskirt. This is quite a sad thing for me, actually.  Just between you and I, I did a little bit of quick math and once I determined that I had 5 years and 2 months until that date, I also realized that I had not been wearing figure-illustrative skirts nearly enough as of late and that I need to step it up.

Why? Two reasons.

The first is this, and I will say it unabashedly: I’ve got great gams.

Some women have a nice rack. Me, I’m more aerodynamically built, we’ll say. I have a great back and great legs. It took me a long time to own it, and I’m not afraid to say it. Not long after owning it, one of my legs was terribly broken (mangled, even) in a serious car accident. If you have ever had a compound fracture or know someone who has, you know the pain I am speaking of. Approximately two inches above my right ankle the bone shattered, exited the skin completely, and then was held together with a metal rod. By the time I left the hospital a week later I was sure I would never have nice legs again, as my thigh and my shin were somehow grotesquely, miraculously similar in size. Months passed and my coloration returned to a normal shade, and my scar both bothers me and also brings about a sense of pride. It does not, however, stop me from donning a skirt altogether much less a miniskirt. I’m wearing one as I type this any may be wearing one tomorrow too should you spot me. In fact, I’ll be wearing as many as possible until I hit 35 and well past that age. I encourage you to do the same.

What I am trying to say here is: whatever you’ve got that makes you feel good about yourself, remind yourself of it as often as possible.

**The survey was sponsored by a pre-packaged diet food program, so I find it dubious to say the least.


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