oh, happy day

While it’s no easy task to define God (something I have learned repeatedly and emphatically in my theological education), I quite like how Kierkegaard, writing in  The Sickness Unto Death, did so:

Inasmuch as for God all things are possible, it may be said that this is what God is: one for whom all things are possible. . . God is that all things are possible, and that all things are possible is the existence of God.

For Kierkegaard, then, it was believing in possibility at all that is part and parcel of Christian faith. While many Christian thinkers have said that through God all things are possible, perhaps so often that we have lost any concept of what such a statement even means, in Kierkegaard’s thought  it means this and yet more. To believe in God is to accept possibility itself. God is  possibility itself. I love possibility, both good and bad. Such a description/definition is profound in its simplicity, provocative in its implications — the precise kind of statement I love to bumble across.

Perhaps no one else gets so excited about philosophical statements, but this particular one resonated with me, and after so doing it made me smile from the tips to my toes upward, slowly.


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