Birthday Present for Myself

Today I bought a small gift for myself – the day after my 30th birthday one of my favorite singer-songwriters will be appearing in the town 45 minutes west in a well-loved hole in the wall. One thing I regret about the last couple of years is that I have done way too much staying in. In addition to my influx of volunteer activities, bike rides and photo endeavors, here’s a good way to intentionally begin to turn that around.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Present for Myself

    1. You should indeed and the sooner the better. If you don’t mind my review (because I am never one to shy away from reviewing a book or an album):
      This one is quite a different beast than Curse Your Branches (and for that matter, than Fewer Moving Parts). Insofar as subject matter it is a bit of a return to Fewer Moving Parts as opposed to Curse Your Branches, for here Bazan is engaging with, in an obtuse way, the subject, meaning and implications of the I-Thou relationship but it is neither so forthright in its expression lyrically or sonically here as in the previous effort. Here there is the return of the engagement of the human-human relationship, sometimes with and sometimes without any overt or covert divine (sometimes a damned divine) presence.
      I like it. It isn’t a record that makes you want to go out with your friends; it’s a record that makes you want to stay home with your thoughts. I personally appreciate both types very much, but a well done record of the latter type is rarely well done and far too often done poorly so I am getting to know this one slowly and liking it more and more with each listen. I think “we” will become friends if you know what I mean.

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