Are you grounded?

I have great respect for people who are grounded. For much of my life I was what you could accurately call “flighty,” though this is no longer true. It can be said of me at present that I am not one of those people who call/consider themselves entirely terrestrial or logical. In fact, I think such people precisely the opposite of that which they are after: in limiting themselves to the so-called “outcomes” or “possibilities” which are only “logical” they are shortsighted, myopic and limited in scope, experience and vision to a heartbreaking degree. I have always been someone who weighs the evidence as I make an important decision, but there is an emotional element involved as well which is extremely hard to articulate and nearly impossible to quantify. I have made a list of pros and cons in order to make a difficult decision exactly zero times in my life. I think this was precisely the right number of times to do so. Call it my “Spidey Sense” or my “Jiminy Cricket,” my emotional sense or conscious is always my guide to a very large degree in my decision making. Though it has not always gone as I would have liked, I believe that there is a Plan, that things work out In the End, and that the currency of love and forgiveness is more abundant than that of spite and animosity —  that my little role  in the Grand Scheme of Things is to make certain that I am circulating the former and not the latter.

As someone who does not have to see to believe, I sometimes find myself fascinated and flummoxed by those that do. I have to wonder what purpose such a self-imposed handicap serves? Do these metaphysical training wheels make such a person feel safer, and if so, how? Is it just too frightening to admit the possibility of a greater being that is inherently mysterious? Is it too humbling, too difficult, to admit that the beginning of wisdom is to humbly admit that there is a ceiling to human knowledge?
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky once wrote, “The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but one cannot eternally live in a cradle.”
So where is the happy medium, and what does it look like?


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