Saturday my grandma had a stroke-like event, though the Dr. thinks it may have been a seizure. The results from Monday’s CAT scans are not conclusive, meaning further tests (specifically an MRI at least)  may prove helpful to determine if what occurred was in fact a seizure or a stroke. If it was the former and not the latter, anti-seizure medications may prove helpful.

Before I allow myself to be overcome with grief there is quite a bit of good news to report. Whereas on Sunday she was hardly herself and had very little color or energy, last night when I cooked dinner for the two of us she was practically her usual self. She reported that she had spent some time earlier that afternoon before my arrival out on the deck before the heat made such an activity intolerable.

I have high hopes that tomorrow she will feel better, and in so hoping I plan to  enlist her help  in the baking and frosting of (my brother) Bryan’s birthday cake for the small gathering  tomorrow  evening. I’m not above bribery – she used to get me to help with a promise that I could lick the beaters and the bowl, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty using her own tactics on her. I did learn from the best, in baking and in bribery.

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