Sarahs Take Smiling Seriously


For several months now I have been scanning some old family photos as a gift for my mother and it has been so interesting to see how steadfast the personalities of my brother and I are through the album pages. As a psychology major and future provider of counseling I am someone who is somewhat intrigued by family function, role, and so forth. I have been wondering in the past year especially to what extent my brother was truly the older, quiet one and I the younger emotive sensitive sister and to what end these were somewhat ascribed but the pictures told me a beautiful story of two hysterical, happy and complimentary little kids having a great time. Furthermore, and most interesting to me, I saw myself as an earnest and hardworking little kid who managed to simultaneously achieve a laser-like focus and a sideways smile. I now have the above picture, one of my favorites, framed in my office as a reminder not only that maintaining both of these at once is not merely possible, it is essentially a large part of my very nature to do just that.


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