Let Them Wear Cake

Clara had a small birthday celebration with her class at school today** where there was so much cute abounding  it was almost unfair. The birthday girl herself was not in good spirits (she’s teething) but this is not abnormal, I have found. At any kind of party, is quite normative for the biggest smiles to be on everyone but the host or guest of honor.
Her classmates are some of my favorite little people in the world, and these are some persons whom I have had the great honor to spend a day or two watching over as a substitute teacher. It was lovely to see them again, to discourage them from wearing the paper plates as hats and generally to watch them explore and wear the frosting. When I have my own birthday cake in a few days I think I going to insist no one use forks – these little guys were having such a grand time and *they* didn’t use forks, I think this should be the rule from now on.

The Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

A Classmate

A Classmate

**She’s officially in the “ones” now, and has been since she “graduated” a couple of weeks ago which sort of breaks my heart. The second they begin to lose that baby classification it’s all over. I’ll be giving her the talk and loading a gun before I know it.


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