One year ago tonight, at about this time my sister-in-law Setou went into labor. By early morning my family was introduced to my newest, my youngest and my fast friend — my niece Clara. Happy first birthday, Pickles! Your Aunt Sarah is crazy about you (just ask anyone who sat to her right or to her left either semester last year).
While you’ve got another year or so to go on your first tea set and another two years until that first drum set worry not little one – this next year is going to be just great, as in Tony the Tiger GRRREAT.
Stick with me, kid. You’ll figure out pretty quickly that if there’s one person around that can make fun (1 part laughter, 1 part imagination and very often 1 part mischief) appear out of thin air it’s your Aunt Sarah.
Insofar as the mischief bit is concerned I am here to take all of the blame and shoulder all of the consequence when and if the time comes. Thanks to your daddy, I’ve had lots of practice.

My niece, Clara Marie!

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