All up in your earhole

I have mentioned before that one of the worst things I inherited from either of my parents is the sinus trouble I got from my father. As such, I was very late in having my tonsils out (age 21) when it was apparent after having 40+ incidences of strep throat and/or sinus infection that they simply had to come out. While the frequency of my sinus problems has certainly decreased, the incidences, when they occur, are severe.
Sunday I started to feel very sick, like I was getting a sinus infection. Most of the pain became centralized in my right ear canal and by Tuesday I was sent away from urgent care as the infection was so bad they were in fear of permanent damage, urging me to see a specialist.
The good news is that although I can claim a unique distinction in having the most severe ear infection an ENT doctor has seen, my hearing will return to normal within a month, after the bacteria subsides. The bad news is that there is nothing to be done in the meantime while I wait for the antibiotics to take their course. Drinking 196 oz. of Sunny D per day, eating approximately 24 popsicles a day and sleeping when the pain subsides is all I can do.

It seems that sometimes life grabs ahold of you, telling you once again in some way that you are worthy of TLC and deserving of being handled with kid gloves. It seems for me this week is serving as a painful reminder, so I am trying to learn my lesson.

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