David Bazan at the 506 on June 25, 2011

David Bazan is one of those singer-songwriters that is so incredibly talented that from the first time that I became aware of him I have been grateful but also have feared his finitude as an artist. As such I saw Pedro the Lion five times, The Headphones one time and Bazan all by his lonesome twice. Each and every time I have come away saying, “THAT was the best time.” Last Saturday evening was no exception. It has been 12 years now since my big brother took me to my first PTL show, and I was still every bit as (oddly) overjoyed to be there. This time was my personal best show as I was in the best nook/cranny in the place, & unabashedly asked for a handshake from Bazan during the end of the opening band’s set when I noticed it was he standing next to me. He obliged. Better still, I made Rob yell out requests for Magazine so I wouldn’t sound like a horse’s ass. Thanks, Rob. When it was played I got over it and yelled out the longest non-post-rock song on record (When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run). When it was played I am pretty sure I was doing the Carrboro Carlton like we white girls do, but I gotta be me. That was the first night of my 30th year, and what a great night it was.

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