Deep Cuts

I have a vintage viscose (rayon)  fabric that I bought at an estate sale over three years ago.  It is a gorgeous cream color with birds of maroon and dark brown dating back to the 1970s. Because of the make of the fabric, which makes it a bit tricky to work with and to drape, and the fact that there is just enough of it to make a short dress (but no mistakes) I have not been bold enough to cut into it and get the garment made for better or for worse.

Tonight I got over it. Maybe it was the Benadryl that made me bolder; maybe I was just tired of looking at it longingly when the point was to wear it, but I threaded the bobbin of my sewing machine took a deep breath and working from the pattern I made from a favorite form-fitting dress, I cut into it. Whether it turns out to be a success or a failure, I will let you know in a few days. However, I promise pictures only if it’s a success.

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