That is *Not* Evidence

Approximately 45 minutes ago the jury of the Casey Anthony case returned and at this time she was “cleared” of all charges related to her daughters death. She was, however, convicted of four counts of providing false information to the police. She may spend a bit more time in jail, but it is extremely unlikely what with credit for time already served.

I watched this case on and off with some interest because it truly seemed to me that while there was a lack of physical evidence in the case, the defense team’s theories were so outlandish and Anthony’s antics at the time of her daughter’s disappearance and up until and also throughout the trial made her seem troubled if not guilty. What interested me much more than her guilt, because that is not my concern to judge or to correct, is the known fact that juries rarely convict attractive young women in death penalty cases (which this was).
Had Anthony been found guilty of either first degree murder or manslaughter she would have been facing the death penalty. She was found not guilty on both counts by a jury of her peers. I found this a bit shocking, but I was not in the courtroom.
The thing that angers me a bit is this: no less than four times in less than an hour I have heard media pundits say that Casey Anthony’s having been found not guilty is “evidence that our justice system works.”
Either I am jaded, or far too learned in sociology, or both, but NO, it isn’t. It is evidence that juries do not like to convict young white women. If the person on trial had been older, male, less attractive, non-white, or of a lower socio-economic status, with everything else being equal, things could have played out much differently. In fact, things most likely would have played out much differently. If you find this notion challenging or disgusting that is all right with me. It is a disgusting reality.
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