It Comes in Waves

I have, for over a year had many symptoms which we (we here being my GP and I) knew would be well explained by Lyme Disease: the worst of which include pervasive and chronic fatigue, memory loss, a fever that spikes suddenly, and sudden and severe headaches.
Lyme, diagnostically, would be a mixed bag because at this point so much time has passed that “treatment”, a tricky pickle with LD in the best of circimstances, would be very difficult.
On what may be a bright side, if we can call it that, I found what I think is a remainder of an embedded tick in my upper upper thigh last week. It is something, it is imbedded, and I can’t get at it. Maybe my Dr. will be able to get from it some answers to provide some insight as to why I have felt increasingly like a diminished version of my former self for far too long.
Wish me luck.

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