Paradise Lost

Today was one of the many days that I got only a few things done, none of them mentally taxing, and not until late afternoon. The migraine I am currently wrestling is that debilitating.
I often wonder if I should keep better records of the frequency of these headaches, or, considering their high frequency and the many lost days I have if it would be overwhelming. I feel like I am losing so much time.

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2 thoughts on “Paradise Lost

  1. you really need to find a doctor who will take the time to find the cause ……. have you tried changing out your light bulbs in your bedroom?

  2. I did change out some of the bulbs in my room. I would like to try the LED bulbs. I know the cause of this particular migraine was hormonal/menstrual with a bit of sinus thrown in. I need to find a new neurologist, though – what a nightmare. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. 🙂

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