Social Justice on a Stick

It is unbearably hot in Raleigh, NC as it has been all week. We are under severe heat advisories. Nevertheless, as I looked out the window this morning I saw that HOA-employed landscapers were out in full force. My heart sank. I did not feel they should be out in that heat. I am uncertain whether they are paid fairly or not, but no doubt it is hourly, meaning time off would be for them a penalty. I don’t know how to change the entire, crippling system and had I allowed myself to think on that for too long I would have done nothing. Previously this has happened to me in various situations – I have become so overwhelmed by the situation that I end up thinking so long that I lose a chance to act, and more importantly, to interact.
Today I simply went and got popsicles for everyone. Will it change anything in the long term? No. But it’s *something*.


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