Happy to Have a Searing Pain

That I have a migraine today is to be expected. At 2pm it was humid and bright, and then at 2:40 I was driving through a deluge and trying not to hydroplane like so many of my fellow drivers. By the time I got to my destination, I took a moment to jump in a few puddles before making my way into the coffee shop and getting down to business — after all, you only live once.

The cycle repeated itself once more, with the sun reappearing and then disappearing once more for a bit more rain to fall before nightfall. As my migraines are triggered by either barometric or hormonal changes (or undue stress) I had a pretty good feeling that I would be feeling quite like I am at this very moment before all was said and done.

The good thing is that undue stress is under my control, and I am happy to report that with the removal of the biggest source of negative energy/stress in my life, an unbelievable number of migraines have gone by the wayside as well. It is alarming to realize how profoundly an unwell person can make an unwitting person feel without them even being unaware — I shudder to think how many of their problems I would have taken on as my own as well as manifested in my own way, and for how long, had I not been given the gift of their absence.

The pain in my head is throbbing at present but I am grateful for it, because for the first time in a long while I am keenly aware of it. For too long everything had been a dull ache, and I am finally fully free from the grips of that.

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