Better to see you with, my dear

I knew it had been some time since my last eye exam but when I checked my records it was worse than I imagined — my last exam was in 2002. I will no longer be able to say that after this afternoon. I am currently in the lobby. The appointment itself will be a piece of cake. Picking new reading glasses, however, could take me a while. I can be quite particular about these things.


2 thoughts on “Better to see you with, my dear

  1. You don’t know how wonderful it is to have so many choices! I can remember HATING picking out new frames as a child …….. oh, they were so ugly (come on, you’ve seen the pics!), and there was never much variety to choose from. Know you will look stunning in your news glasses – and hopefully the reduced eye-strain will help prevent some of the headaches.

  2. I won’t get them back for a few days because. . . wouldn’t you know it, BCBS (emphasis on the last two of those four syllables). I think that like in so many situations, while I am so thankful to have more choices than there were available just a few short years ago, it causes paralysis after a certain point. Do you know what I mean?

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