Slightly Overcast with a Chance of “Eh”

Today the heat has me feeling a wee bit apathetic.
Perhaps it’s a bit of a cerebral hangover from yesterday, which marked the anniversary of the passing of Flannery O’Connor. As joyous as I was last night I am a bit somber about the brevity of her life when I pause to reflect on it. Brad Gooch wrote an excellent biography, simply entitled Flannery, which I recommend highly even to those that are unfamiliar to her or her works. The thing that I found most remarkable about her is that through the worst of her illness she maintained a rigid discipline in her day, writing from early morning until dinnertime. Often when you hear that someone is a writer you incorrectly think that they write when they have a spare moment or two, but this is not the case. They write a good deal of the time and when they are not writing they are editing mercilessly. This is something I have always known but have just come to face as I have published a poem and a short story this past year. I have always written and been praised for my writing by my teachers, but I have not been an editor. I have not proof-read my own works, and unfortunately I have somehow gotten away with it. Change does not come easily to me but it will have to. There have been very few things in my life that I have set my mind to which have not come to pass, so with my own stubborn nature and inspiring writers like Flannery to look to, you just never know. It could happen.

Edit: Case in point about me learning to edit — If I were better about proofreading I would have caught the faulty HTML tag which meant that approximately 80% of that post was in italics. Life just keeps teaching me lessons, and I keep learning them.

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