All Good Things, So the Saying Goes…

All good things, so the saying goes, come to an end. The clock directly in front of me reads 7:19 and the clock to my left reads 7:15 — I suppose the accurate time is somewhere in the middle of those two. I got very little sleep last night because I was very irresponsible this summer (I allowed myself to enjoy my summer a bit) and my bedtime got increasingly out of control, getting more and more unreasonable until it finally became normative for me to fall asleep around 4 a.m. It will take a week at least for me to break myself of this. This morning’s rude awakening marks the end of a nice weekend and an ultimately pleasant, low-key summer though it certainly didn’t start out very nice. This weekend was an especially fitting way to close this summer out, as I got to spend some time with my older brother by going to a show in Chapel Hill to see a band that we both enjoy a great deal on Saturday night and then spending yesterday having lunch with my family before going to the ordination service of a friend who recently graduated from Campbell Divinity.

As lovely as it is to reflect on these things, as the numbers on my clocks are moving forward I should as well. There is much to be done today — so much, in fact, that if I stop and reflect on it I may become overwhelmed to the point of becoming overstimulated (and therefore talk myself out of it, whether consciously or unconsciously). I have to pay an enormous balance on my tuition to remove the hold on my account, figure out what is being offered that I need this semester, and see what I will still need (all of this begins, of course, after I run a few errands here where I live and then make the hour-long commute. Hello, Monday). I am at that point where I am nearly finished, so I am both anxious and apathetic in the way that can best be understood by someone in precisely such a position. Two things I must remember to have not only today but at all times to have a proper perspective: gratitude and caffeine.

I hope everyone else’s Monday goes well, whatever tasks like ahead of you; whatever minutiae you encounter. We are so lucky to be people who are irritated by trivial things, are we not? Let’s try to have a great day in spite of ourselves.

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