Roll With It

The past few weeks have found me flat on my back, in the real sense and in the metaphorical sense. My ear infection and the sinus infection that is part and parcel of it has not fully left me and waxes and wanes in its severity. At its worst I cannot hear well out of my right ear and my fever hovers at about 102, with typical symptoms of sinus and ear infection making me miserable – dizziness, fatigue, sore throat and headache.

Wanting to get to the root of my illness which will not seem to leave me and also being at a loss of financial resources at present, I feel absolutely depleted. I need to finish up some papers for Dr. Wallace, finish my CPE application, and finish the paperwork to officially be a dual-program student next semester. I can also take this time to work on getting some sources together for my senior synthesis and/or independent research topic together. As much as I am,a bit disappointed about it, sitting out this semester was the best choice. If I had gone I would have had to turn in work that did not reflect my capabilities. I would not have been a delight to be around, nor would I have seemed thankful for the opportunity which would be unfair to those around me and for those who provide the scholarship money that I am awarded.
I am hoping that the upcoming four months’ time, some rest, eating some real food (& not the preservatives I usually feast on), and the wisdom of my doctors will sort out what needs to be sorted. Of course if you are the praying type, pray – if you are the positive thought type, then by all means, send them up. I would appreciate any and all donations more than you know.

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