Take A Minute to Marvel at My Mother

Most people, when they are young, say to their mom “You’re my hero” and then abandon this notion as reality and/or adulthood set in.
Though I now see my mom as a person with weaknesses, proclivities and hot buttons I can say that she’s not only a great role model but one of my heroes.
Today was but one of the many times that I have been proud of her. She and her quilt guild make charity quilts throughout the year – in excess of 100 annually for premature infants as they stay in the neo-natal ward in local hospitals. Today they auctioned off one of their quilts with the proceeds going to InterAct of Wake County.
I’m no quilter — I can only hope that I am someone’s wife and mother in the future; that I have found fulfillment and calling in a profession and a position I care deeply about and that I, too, like my mother find something which allows me to simultaneously create and give to others.
We’ve come a long way and have been through much since the first time I said it but I can still safely and emphatically say that my mom is my hero. I should perhaps say it a bit more often.

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