Seeing Clearly


The past few months have been unlike any other time in my life. I am seeing people for what and who they are as well as what and who they are not, cannot be and were never meant to be. It is a truly liberating process and is essential in the work of the resolution of unresolved grief and/or forgiveness not yet granted.

What about you, in your relationships – do you see and celebrate what is and what people are, or do you hold onto unrealistic expectations that have more to do with you and your own fears than with others?

While we’re on the subject of seeing clearly and making progress, you may remember that a few months ago I went to the optometrist. I actually had to return for a second eye exam to get an accurate Rx, but I finally got my new glasses today (pictured).

Try to see the world clearly and others for what they are in the next few days. If you’re feeling especially bold try and do the same regarding yourself. I think you’ll find that though we fight looking at them without filtering them through our fears and projections there is so much to be seen as lovely and loved in all three of these you’ll be moved to look again and again. Look on, friends.

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