Presidential Proclamation

Domestic violence is a matter that is very close to my heart. It is a cause that, like anorexia I am especially compelled to work towards speaking out against and that I will speak frankly about for the same reason – I have been affected personally and I will therefore never be the same. I would not be the same person without having gone through either of these things, so I don’t speak frankly of them for pity or for attention – I speak about them because I am in a place where I can. Many people never get there. For those who will one day go through it and for those frozen in fear in either one of these horrific situations, convinced that a better place is not possible, it is up to me and other people who have gotten through to say that yes it is – it is possible. Every day is not paradise but every day on the other side is possible.

An average of three American women die every day due to domestic violence. Please read this sentence to yourself out loud three times and let it sink in.

If you would like to read the best book I have ever read about violence/gender and the like, this is it.

To read the Presidential Proclamation declaring October 2011 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, click here.


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