Days of Gratitude: Day 6: Rebecca

I am grateful for the “lunch date” that I will have tomorrow (Tuesday) with one of my very favorite people in the whole world — the one and only Rebecca Hall.

I wish I were as steadily self-regulating as a micro-organism is about what they allow in and out of their beings (from the little bit that I remember from biology which, granted is not much, I remember that they were not regulated by emotions so they clearly had a leg up on me at least 49% of the time, and they had what sounded to me like a pretty good semi-permeable membrane going for them where what came and went was at least a good deal of the time decided by what was good for the organism). I, being an emotional organism too much of the time was neither good at biology nor good at knowing what was good for me. I have not fared so well at these calculations — not in the ninth grade and not as recently as last year. When allowing organisms who were, shall we say, less than symbiotic in their modes of being into my happy little habitat havoc has been wreaked (and how).

I’m the first to admit that I am not, then, always so good at being selective about who I let into my life – with me it tends to be all or nothing; fits and starts. I have sometimes been too trusting, too optimistic, too forgiving (regarding the same parasite even) in the past. This attitude, while I am not altogether regretful of having it, for I refuse to embrace the alternative, has ultimately left me needing rest, wisdom, and sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, a thing or two from fellow organisms because my reserves have been all tapped out.

Thank God (literally) for friends like Rebecca., and friends like these are rare. These are the type of friends that you can call “fictive kin.” I don’t know why I found her or vice versa, I only know that we were perhaps meant to find one another. I am not the type of person that is very brave unless I have, for some reason, already had some occasion to speak to someone. In fact, I am rather shy until spoken to and won’t speak unless someone says something I find so outrageous I feel I have to say something, and even then I feel very uncomfortable. However, during my second semester of Divinity School it just so happened that Rebecca had not turned her ringer off during our Church History class and as she got a call I knew that very instant that we could perhaps be great friends. *Anyone* who had downloaded the Veggie Tales theme song — not the tones, but the actual voices singing the bloody song in its totality and who was laughing, not apologizing as this was going on — I thought we could probably be great friends. She was singing along with her phone. It was great. If I recall we had just been talking about some Anabaptists who had met their fate by of course having their heads lobbed off, and there is Rebecca, gleefully shouting out, “Have we got a show for you!” We have been friends since.

I need people like Rebecca in my life — people that are unruffled no matter what and who recognize my heat as a gift, helping me channel it in appropriate ways. Through Old History 1 and 2, through her graduation and my sabbatical, through celebrations and their opposites one thing is for certain — there aren’t many people in the world that challenge you gently and love you truly and she is that for me. I am grateful to have her in my life. I could not have foreseen the changes that life had ahead when we met just four years ago. I am so glad that I got to be there as Rebecca graduated Campbell and found her first ministry position. I am both a little scared but also so very excited that I have such steadfast fans like Rebecca and my mom at my side during this LAST(ish?) stretch as I finish my time at Campbell and who knows what other changes life has in store for me ahead. No matter what they are, I do know at this point that there is nothing that I can’t handle and because of the amazing women in my life (like this one) I can handle them so much more gracefully than I ever could have before. What have I to fear?

Rebecca and I, Spring 2010

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