Quite Like a DIY Death Match

I was once in a DIY “death match” for charity. If you are imagining that this sounds like what would happen if MacGuyver met Michael’s you are right on the money. I fared pretty well — at the end of the day all items were auctioned and the extremely bold and sparkly creation I concocted ultimately  got the second highest bid for my category. What I remember most from that day was being absolutely absorbed in my task — though we had two hours to work with what limited materials and guidance we had it felt like 5 minutes; no more.

Today and tomorrow will feel like an extended, less public version of that experience. As I sit here now I can see the cutting table in my craft room. I see my beads clustered and hung by their recipient/project on the bulletin board behind the desk, at once beautiful but daunting. As they are still strung as they were when I bought them they are perfect. Once I cut that cord chaos ensues. I have leather cut for iPhone cases simply waiting to be grommeted, belts waiting for their buckles and frames waiting for stain and/or varnish. It’s precisely the kind of chaos I thrive best in but of course it takes its toll.

One of my favorite movie characters, Mary Poppins (highly underrated on many counts, especially for her wisdom) said, “Once begun is half done.” So very true. I would add to this, saying “Without enough coffee we have lost before we have begun.”

A few more cups and I’ll enter the battle, glue gun blazing and tool belt loaded.


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