I Have a Special Fondness for Clean Calendar Pages

On this New Year’s Eve I have reflected a bit on 2011, a year that taught me many things.  It was a bittersweet year to be sure. I cannot say I will be particularly sorry to see it go. As I look at the clean calendar pages of the year to come I have a keen sense of excitement. I always have a sense of excitement with a new calendar and a new year, but my “Sarah Spidey Sense” tells me that things will be looking up for me in the upcoming weeks and/or months. Whether or not I have a reason I tend to be a hopeless optimist. Though this trait can hide itself for a while, like a flowering bush pruned back far too much, eventually it shows its blooms once again. I think it one of my best qualities.
2012 – I look forward to your arrival. Together you and I are going to see many things, do many difficult deeds, smile many smiles.


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