Finishing Up, Figuring Out What Comes Next

This will be my last full-time semester at my home for the last few years; the place where I have been fostered and fed, challenged and even frustrated. It has been a time that has absolutely reshaped the core of my being and where I have learned who I am truly am. Before going to graduate school I did things out of a sense of empty obligation because of how people saw me, and of course this perception varied, not wanting to disappoint. I now know better how to reflect upon, calculate and put into action what is most effective, what justice calls for, and what I am most able to do well, putting people in touch with others with particular giftedness and/or abilities where I can. I have learned these things from making mistakes myself and from watching many wiser than than myself during the past 5 years or so.

This semester begins in a few days and I am genuinely excited. My books have been ordered; two are on my Kindle and these have been skimmed. The bulk of my time will be spent on my independent research class for which I will be submitting a 30 page paper. My research proposal was accepted so now I must narrow my thesis as I read all of the related journal articles. As of now I have over 40 saved. Though I will read them all, sadly, I cannot incorporate them all.

This summer I will, God willing, do CPE at Wake Med. Fall Semester I will begin a job search in earnest while completing my last and final component required, our Senior Synthesis. In December I will graduate. I will be both happy to complete my course of studies and extremely sad to leave my student body and the professors who have fostered my faith and some days almost an entire lack thereof for so long now. It will be quite a change, but I was certainly meant for something, have been preparing for something, and am looking forward to finding it.


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