A Luddite I Am Not, But..

I am no Luddite but I prefer to see the pastor preaching with a Bible at hand. Not an iPad but a Bible. Do I assume that they have notes, outlines, and helps to guide them? Absolutely. Preaching a sermon gives you more respect for the task than you have ever had before. To preach in a way that it is applicable to that particular audience, aware of their current struggles and still true to Scripture is an art form. More difficult still is to preach in a way that leaves things unresolved – there is no answering of all questions in Scripture, nor should there be in every worship service. I sincerely believe that while you may get a sense of resolution from a services on occasion, if you get it weekly your pastor is doing you no favors.

On reflecting as to why I am so off-put by seeing pastors with technology instead of the Bible I came to this: it makes me assume, fairly or not, that no matter what the core text for that week is that they are more apt to be doing quite a bit of what I call “kangaroo theology” with no one being the wiser, as there is no obvious page turning. When you take any text out of context you do a great disservice to it, to the author (known or unknown) and to those who this great love story was written about (that would be you and I, and the whole of humanity). I am aware I am erring on the side of suspicion but I rarely do, even to my own detriment. I’ll ask the question, does anyone else share this pet peeve?

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